Cost Effective – Environmentally Sustainable

Urban Soil Solutions offers a rapid, cost effective, environmentally sustainable answer to the management and treatment of contaminated soils, mitigating the need for expensive off-site disposal options. We successfully recycle soils contaminated with fuel oils, waste oils, hazardous metals, dredge (and other inferior soils) and coal manufactured gas plant (MGP) wastes.

We can stabilise and recycle contaminated soils containing:

Virgin petroleum

Waste oils

Hazardous metals

Coal gasification

MGP wastes

Our on-site soil treatment technology has been constantly developed over the last 30 years In its simplest form our process involves mixing a binding reagent or reagents into the contaminated media or waste. The reagent formulations are determined after reviewing the analytical data of the contaminated waste stream to be treated. The chemical elements, concentration, and combination of contaminants are fed into our database along with site specific cleanup criteria, and physical specifications required of the treated material.

Contaminated Soil Processing

Technical Support/Laboratory Services

Soil Stabilisation and Solidification

Dredge/Sludge Treatment

Specific Remediation Services

Heavy Metal Stabilisation

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