Contaminated Soil Remediation

Rapid, cost-effective contaminated soil remediation

Most remediation techniques are only suitable for certain types of contamination. Stabilisation and Solidification technology treats multiple contaminants, in all types of soil, in a single fast and effective treatment.

  • Tried and tested technology
  • Suited to most types of soils and contaminants
  • Early treatability laboratory trials
  • Optimum reagent design mix
  • Ex-situ treatment targeted based on treatability trials
  • Optimum reagent mix applied based on leachate targets agreed with the regulators in advance
  • Fast short term programme treating 250 – 1000m3 / day
  • 1 week post treatment curing period
  • 2 week validation “tank” testing

gasometer-4Four days after treatment, soils previously contaminated with leaching metals, short chain hydrocarbons, PAH, BTEX and Cyanides, are ready for reuse on site.

All early stage treatability trials for each project are carried out by independent laboratories in accordance with Environment Agency standards.

The soils recovery operation, carried out under the company’s environmental permit (mobile treatment licence) and the CL:AIRE Code of Practice, ensures recovered material is no longer designated as waste, allowing the soils to be re-used, mitigating off-site disposal and further unsustainable use of imported natural resources. Our process is approved in the UK as a well proven and sustainable technology.

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